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Multi-view panoramic PTZ camera series

summary:The company adopted the ISO9001 international quality certification system, the main products through the international CE certification, RoHS certification, FCC certification.

key word: intelligent security monitoring system
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Multi-view panoramic PTZ camera series



Multi-view panoramic pan/tilt is a core technology that integrates panoramic mosaic imaging technology, intelligent tracking, face acquisition, and license plate recognition algorithms. Provide users with a 360-degree panoramic imaging acquisition system and real-time video intelligent analysis system, providing a comprehensive video solution for current mobile law enforcement,Enable them to see the road conditions around the car and the surrounding conditions in real time in the car. It is also possible to link the gimbal to view the details of the selected location, and the effective monitoring range in the mobile law enforcement process can reach a radius of 500 meters. It has expanded the effective scope of mobile law enforcement supervision, and can collect real-time identification of license plate numbers in real-time. It has greatly improved the law enforcement ability and efficiency of current mobile law enforcement.



● The panoramic PTZ camera integrates multiple camera units. The internal camera units monitor different orientations and truly achieve the full coverage of a panoramic PTZ camera. 

● Simultaneous acquisition of each camera unit ensures the consistency and continuity of the pictures captured by each camera in time and space.

● Simultaneous exposure of each camera unit ensures that the picture captured by each camera unit is consistent in bright and dark, and the color is uniform. 

● The back-end uses the splicing fusion algorithm to intelligently integrate and seamlessly splicing the images collected by the multi-channel camera unit, and completes the horizontal 360-degree and vertical 80-degree panoramic surveillance image. The panoramic surveillance image has distortion, small deformation and uniform resolution. 

● The spliced panoramic picture supports digital zoom and supports 3D operation. Users can drag and drop the picture arbitrarily, so that it can view panoramic images from various angles. 

● The spliced panoramic picture supports 180° cylinder splitting before and after unfolding, 360° annular cylinder unfolding, multi-camera independent original image and so on.

● The spliced panoramic picture supports 180° cylinder splitting before and after unfolding, 360° annular cylinder unfolding, multi-camera independent original image and so on.... 

● The panoramic metering area can be set by the user according to the site conditions.

● Support setting image and video encoding parameter settings through web pages

● Support for searching for IP addresses

● Support WEB browser direct access



 360º Panoramic+PTZ vehicle-mounted camera
360° Panoramic Camera Image sensor 1/2.8” Progressive Scan CMOS
Image sensor Qty 8
Minimum illumination Color:0.01 Lux@(F1.8,AGC ON);  
B/W:0.001 Lux@(F1.8,AGC ON)
lens F3.6mm/F1.8
Angel of View Horizontal :360º,Vertical:80º
3D Noise Reduction Support
S/N ≥50dB
Image processing White balance ,Auto shutter
Image compression H.265/H.264                                       
(Baseline/Main Profile/High Profile)
Max Image Resolution 1536×2048 ×8
Resolution&Frame Rate Main stream :
50Hz: 960x1280×8@25fps(default);up to 1536x2048×8@25fps
60Hz: 960x1280×8@30fps(default);up to 1536x2048×8@30fps
Sub stream:50Hz:480×640×8@25fps60Hz:480×640×8@30fps
Programming interface ONVIF,CGI,SDK
PTZ Camera   Image Sensor 1/2.8” Progressive Scan CMOS
Minimum Illumination Color:0.01 Lux@(F1.2,AGC ON);B/W:0.001 Lux@(F1.2,AGC ON)
S/N ≥50dB
Focal Length 30X Optical Zoom
Preset Positions 256 Positions
Cruise Scan 6 tracking
Frame Rate 25fps(PAL)/30fps(NTSC)
Image Resolution H.264,H.264(Baseline/Main Profile/High Profile)
Max Image resolution 1920×1080
Resolution&Frame rate Main stream:50Hz:25fps 1920×1080,60Hz:30fps 1920×1080
Sub Stream:50Hz:25fps 640×360,60Hz:30fps 640×360
Interface General One-key recovery
Network interface 1xRJ45,10M/100M/1000M Ethernet interface
General Working Temperature&Humidity -40℃~60℃/95%RH
Protection Level IP66
Power Supply DC24V
Dimension 381mm*250mm*346mm
Weight 14kg
On a
Sentinel Panorama PTZ Camera Series



Sentinel Panorama PTZ Camera Series

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Multi-view panoramic PTZ camera series

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